Bass or Guitar Lessons

Bass or Guitar Lessons

If you are looking to improve your skills on bass or guitar, look no further than lessons with Holly! Her simple methods of learning and practicing will keep you interested and improving with every lesson you take from her. Music is a great way to express yourself and Holly's no competition outlook helps set the stage for you to become your best. Each month you are signed up you will recieve a collection of vidoes, commentary, and writen out lessons. These lessons are sent to you for you to keep and practice at your own pace. Periodically, you will do one on one Zoom lessons to make sure you are learning as much as you can, and as always, you will have direct contact with her to answer any questions that may come up. Sign up today and start rockin'!  

  • Policy

    Open to anyone ages 6+ that has a bass or guitar, or is getting one for lessons. You will need to practice on your own. Once dues are paid the lessons resume for 1 month. 


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