What A Great Weekend!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Hey Y‘all!

I just wanted to thank everyone that came out this past weekend we are almost done with 2019 and my first full year with Zepparella. I can’t believe it will be 2 years in March!

This weekend was no exception for fun and excitement as were in Oregon and Washington again. They have become two of my favorite states! I enjoy the scenery the people and the venues for sure. Being in the Emerald Triangle doesn’t hurt either!

When the week started I flew up to San Francisco to work on our new recordings. Just some finishing touches. We are stoked to make more videos for everyone! Speaking of more videos, we are starting to release our Kashmir lesson videos. Kashmir is such an amazing song! Go check them out on our Zepparella YouTube Channel HERE

Wednesday we had a long drive up to Eugene, Oregon. It’s cold up there but really beautiful. On Thursday morning we played at the old HiFi which is now called Sessions Music Hall! they have updated so much from last time it took me a minute to realize where I was.

The show was awesome as always and there was a band next door that was amazing! 2 shirtless sweaty dudes playing slayer! A singing drummer and a guitarist playing Slayer, GG Allin, and doom metal, in a grungy dive bar, and they were great! Reminded me of Clutch, which everyone knows is my favorite band. I was in heaven! Apparently these guys have a big truck that folds out and they play at the bigger shows that come through town. I would show up to the bigger shows just to see them again! They want to open for us next time and I’m totally down! I hate I can’t remember their name! 🤦🏼‍♀️ The band that opened for us was also awesome! .......It just occurred to me that I’m really bad with names. To make this blog more interesting I should probably get peoples names before I write about them. Bare with me.

The next morning we had a photo shoot with the legendary photographer Bradley Cook and his awesome shooting partner Bob Williams. Brad tours with the legendary Buddy Guy and he set up his amazing studio inside his cannabis store. Upon arrival Clem told me she brought me to “The Mothership.” I was stoked! It is a beautiful studio! We did some killer shots and can’t wait to get them to you! Check out some of their shots from the show too!

The drive Into Portland was only a few hours so we had a relaxing photo shoot then off to The World Famous Dante’s. We love playing at Dantes and we SOLD OUT! We sold out last time as well so we are very happy at Dante’s! We are also very happy at Dantes because of Voo Doo Donuts! They are able to fill a giant box of donuts that are vegan and perfect. Oh, and also I want to give a big shout out to Cornbread Café in Eugene, Oregon for also being vegan. 🤤

The show at Dante’s was nothing less of stellar! I even got to hang out with a longtime friend of mine Adrian Ost. I met Adrian when he was touring with Powerman 5000. He is an amazing drummer, and awesome friend. Some longtime friends of Gretchen‘s opened for us at Dante‘s and they were A sort of witchy-doom metal.

Then off to Seattle where we had two more shows to play in one night. I’m usually not one to bitch and complain - or have injuries, typically I’m the quiet one with no real issues - in most situations. But this tour I had grown two of the biggest blisters on the ends of my right hand playing fingers. These gnarly bubbles hurt so bad! Thankfully, for the last show I was able to play with because I took three Advil and I put some super glue on them. I just kept telling myself to grit and bare it! We had a great show! That show is 2 sets of 1.5 hours, no worries! 💁🏼‍♀️

We were all so tired after that show but we were happy to see every one and also, congratulations to Greg Patz for your 50th show! That’s amazing!!!!!

I’ve only had a couple days at home but it’s been filled with editing and filming and a bunch of other things. I’m in the airport waiting on a delayed flight! Let the last Zepparella weekend of 2019 begin! Cheers!

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