Welcome To Holly's VIP Experience!

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my weekly blog and welcome to the debut of my new website! Feel free to take a look around and tell me what you think!

Most of the services are free here, from informational blog posts to streaming all my music!

I do have a very low cost membership for $5, $10 or $35 per month and let me explain a little why. After putting out a record and building a great social media presence I've learned that its hard to put a price on art and even harder these days with streaming services. A few dollars a month from my active listeners is more than I will ever get from all streaming services combined and if I can build a community and make it as easy as possible for YOU, the listener, maybe you'll stick around for years and years and be able to hear some music from me that will inspire you or make you want to headbang! Maybe you’ll even like my merch and start sporting that too!

After all, if I can't get paid for creating music then I can't put it out there for you to enjoy. My life would be filled with jobs that required other skills and I would be very unhappy. Catch what I'm saying?

You'll see a package for a free sign up which lets me send you weekly updates on what I'm up to. There is a $5 and $10 or $35 sign up that is reoccurring every month for donations. If you like me and my music please consider donating.

Unfortunately, streaming services these days are helpful for the listener but not the artist themselves. With this subscription, even though it’s a very small amount, it would help me out tremendously in my career to make music and pay engineers and recording costs whenever I needed it. Kick starters and crowdfunding on larger levels do help in certain situations but there’s a constant theory now being brought to attention that it’s too much work and too much hassle because it can be such a big project to take on. Crowdfunding on smaller levels for longer periods of time make more sense to the artist these days because it’s exactly like how it was when we were able to sell CDs and get all of the money for it. Then we take that money and pay for tours and then we take that money and pay for a new record… It’s a never ending cycle that used to work for the artist but because companies have come out with an easier way to get the music to the listener the listener doesn’t realize that it takes so much away from the person creating your favorite music. As an artist we are constantly battling this on a daily basis. If you get upset when your favorite artist dies you should get upset that they can’t make a living off of creating your favorite music. No streaming service you sign up for will ever do this and it kills artists. But bigger support on a smaller level helps get your favorite artists out there even more and gives them a budget to make a great album for you to eternally enjoy.

I hope that explains why I am doing this at $5, $10 or $35 per month. Its not a Get Rich Quick scheme, as you can see, but it will allow longevity in my personal music career to create music for you! That's what I'm here for, right?

Other services you will see from me on this site are Music Consulting and lessons, along with a chat room and $3 per minute Skype calls. I am answering emails for free, at my leisure, but I am available for Skype calls most days from 1-4 PST

Why would you need to call me? Say HI, catch up, ask a question, be first in line to ask questions if I haven't gotten to your email yet. Mainly I am opening this line up for music business consulting and video lessons mainly, but if you really want a pick-me-up and a laugh you can always call to say hi!

Ok! Ill write more later, for now just look around and I hope you find stuff you like!

Holly West