Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Hey everyone! My goodness these times are strange! Reminds me of some sci-fi or prophecy type stories. But have no fear! Humans are the most adaptable creatures that we know of. Enough of that though, lets talk about music!

I have a few students right now and we are working on some bass lessons. If you are bored and have a bass or guitar laying around, let me know if you want to finally learn how to play that thing! Its easy to start, hardest to master, but fun every step of the way!

I teamed up with an awesome Graphic Designer this past week to bring a new design to y'all! An animated version of me rocking out! Everyone seems to love it! Right now it's on men's shirts, women's shirts, razor back shirts, and a face mask! I have to tell you the face masks are more like a covering, we make no medical claims about this mask. It's more like a covering so you can have a little bit of personalization. Thank you to everyone who has bought one so far. I guess we don't really know how long or what to expect with new precautions in the coming months, but your support means the world to me, the designer, and the business that makes and distributes them. We all are trying to find ways to keep our ball rolling on this end because we may be the last to make it back out there. I've been hearing of other ideas for swag. What would you like to see?

On Patreon this month Zepparella opened up an account so that we can all stay connected. We have been having a great time on there with everyone. The first week I did a few acoustic songs. Then we had Nili Brosh on as a guest the following week. This past Thursday Gretchen did 2 beautiful guitar pieces. Coming up Anna and Clem will perform a few songs and I know we have some special guests as well. Gary Hoey and Angela Pertilli will grace us with their bad ass presence too! We really can't wait! If you want to sign up for that, do it HERE!

I'd also like to do a live stream or some recorded songs for everyone. I'm setting up a workstation for that right now. It's a lot of work on my end and I'll be able to explain as go for everyone that is interested. When this Quarantine is over and we are finally able to go to restaurants again, I plan on taking full advantage of the solo acoustic gigs starting on the West Coast!

If you are looking for a graphic artist make sure to hit up Fred Aching HERE!

If you are looking for a T-Shirt company hit up Fresh Baked Tees HERE!

Fresh Baked offers an online drop-ship for all their clients! Hit up Jack Schrader for all the details. It has helped me extensively while touring.

Keep Rocking!

Holly West

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