Nothing Slows Down!

Life always seems to get away when you are having fun! I‘ve been learning that since I retired from hairdressing earlier this year to be a full time musician.

The past 6 months have been pretty crazy to say the least! I moved from Texas to California and retired from a career I’ve been doing since I was 17! I, unfortunately, lost some friends, rightfully gained some new ones, and learned such is life. In the middle of all of this, and the whirlwind of emotions that arise with new surroundings, I always had a handful of amazing people to help me through. I also listened to a ton of ebooks* and Rock n Roll!

Even though I was struggling to land on my feet, and I was ready to throw in the towel more than once, I powered through and kept my friends close. *Making lists, educating myself on topics I needed to brush up on, practicing more and working out helped me focus on what I wanted. I had about a million ideas pour out over the past few months and most of them were just making me more and more confused about what I wanted. *With pure determination and will I think I’ve finally figured it out and I’m even more excited about what I have in store for myself and you in the next 6 months! *More about this and other topics can be found in my VIP Forum, so if you haven’t signed up for it do it now. It is for Members Only!

Last weekend I ventured a little south to San Diego with my roommate. We ran into Ra Diaz from one of my favorite bands, Suicidal Tendencies. I met Ra in LA a few months back and he happened to be up the street watching some bands. This place, Brick by Brick, reminds me of Reno’s in Dallas. I met some of his friends that put on shows there so expect San Diego to get some Holly West shows soon! I’ll keep y’all posted. We didn’t go to the ST show the next day but I hope to see one soon!

What are some of your favorite bands and have you met any of your favorite players before?


Zepparella is also in full swing again starting next week and I’ll be updating shows on my website for the North West this week.

See y’all soon! xoxo


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