Happy V-Day!

If you celebrate that sort of thing... I have just the thing for your favorite bassist!

Get a flash pass to my 6th Bass Clinic HERE or enroll for one month on Patreon HERE

If that's not their thing, try a Holly West Signature DGC shirt HERE

Tell them hot hot they are with a Holly's Taco Sauce HERE

Or just tell them you love them in a nice hand written letter. Gets 'em every time!

Make sure to check out this week's Bass Cafe with Holly and Dean!

We talk to Mike from Agnostic Front about his career and being on tour with a hard core band and branding yourself as more than a bassist. Check out more episodes on YouTube HERE

I want to send a thank you to all the new subscribers here and my new Patreon subscribers as well! My life would not be as fun without you! Have a great week!

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