Happy February!

Wow! January is already gone, and that's probably because we are so used to staying home. Don't worry though, I've got your entertainment covered!

This Thursday join me for Bass Clinic #5 at 4pm PST. You can purchase a Flash Pass for $20 or upgrade to a monthly Patreon Tier that will get you all the clinics and a lot more bass specific material only found on Patreon. Sign up on my website for the flash pass or join my Patreon HERE

This week we will focus on expand your blues knowledge. This clinic will incorporate blues scales and blues progressions to make you really lock into the art of the blues. Beginners will start to understand the common blues progressions and the blues scale. Intermediate and advanced players will understand holding down the feeling while using the entire blues scale to branch out into more complicated walking patterns. Sign up before Thursday to join!

The 2 newest Bass Cafe with Holly and dean episodes are out. Look for them at the top of my website. In episode 8 we talk about online presence and how it affects your career as a musician. Our special guest is a budding bassist @AbbyKonbass. Listen to her and Dean talk about keeping up with social media and behind the scenes with a full time young artist living in the digital world.

Episode 9 is streaming right now on YouTube! Every Monday at 9am PST. In this episode I talk to my friend Tony Cardenas, the bassist of Great White, about his career then and now as a bassist and frontman.He evolved as a musician like most of us do, we start learning everything we can and start saying yes to gigs and eventually land a good one that changes your path in life. We also talked about becoming a multi-instrumentalist to be more than just a bassist in your musical journey.

I'm currently finishing The Music Lesson with Victor Wooten. I thought I would get through it faster than this and possibly would have been on to the next book by now, but I see a new podcast episode wrapping it up in my near future. It really is a fantastic read if you ever come across it. You can find all my podcast episodes HERE

Every Thursday at 5:30PM Pst Zepparella has a 1-hour get together over ZOOM. Ask us anything and be prepared to laugh! Find us on Patreon HERE if you ever want to catch up with what we are doing.

I hope y'all have a great week! Thanks for being here!


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