Flyin' by February

That's what we shall call this month! We are already in the middle and I hope you are getting all your New Year resolutions in order. If one of them was to become a bad ass bassist or guitarist, I can definitely help you out! My online bass clinics are known to be very informative, laid back, and fun!

Are you confused when it comes to building a song? Have you tried to create your own song and you a gave up because you weren't getting the ideas from your head to your fingers? It can be frustrating, but to improve you need to learn some key elements in songwriting. Bass Clinic #7 will show you how. You can get a flash pass HERE or sign up for a monthly membership on Patreon HERE

Check out the newest Episode of Bass Cafe With Holly and Dean HERE

The 10th episode is up and I really can't believe its already been 10 weeks! Our special Bassist of the week is Mike Gallo of Agnostic Fron. We hope you enjoy this episode and get ready for some Best Of and Bloopers soon!

Thanks for being here!


Featured product of the week:

Dat Bass Hoodie $60

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