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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

This past tour was so fun! It started out in a secret location...It was a private party so we had to be all hush hush about the gig. It ended up being at Universal Studios for a private event. It was fun but fast, we only played 45min!

Next we went to San Jose. Yep! Plane left at 9:35 am to San Jose and it was a straight shot. Got to the hotel super early, grabbed lunch and a nap and then went to the show. The venue was awesome and it was so great talking to everyone after the show. If you do ever come to a show make sure to stay after so I can meet you! The crowd was amazing and we had so much fun! Daniele, Gretchen’s husband and guitar guru, joined us on this show. He opened and also joined us for Whole Lotta Love at the end. It’s always a joy playing with Daniele.

Next up was Half Moon Bay! SOLD OUT!!!!! Full of amazing energy and we were happy to be there. The crowd was on fire which always makes our job easier! A very intimate venue for us and our fans. Zepparella is from the Bay Area so we have a lot of fans from these shows that have seen us before.

The final day of this 3 day stretch was at a place called Michaels On Main. “MOM” for short. a lot of you came out to that one too! That was really cool to see y’all again! Everything was great there too and we were really happy with the turnout. I felt very energetic and ready to play! Getting to the stage was funny... almost got into a fight! Some drunk girl thought I was attacking her but I was really just trying to get to the stage I’ve seen a lot of things but I didn’t expect someone to try to punch me in the face for putting on a show! Pretty sure she was on her way out though! LOL

This week we have the Malibu Guitar Festival to play! I’m super stoked! Time to get working on some new songs too! Also gearing up for more Zep shoots and acoustic videos!

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