And back again.....

I had a few days off at home... but not really off! I had to get ready for this recording day with the Zep girls!.... but I got sick! 😔

I got to go see one of my favorite all time bands Bush play in Temecula! It was so amazing! A friend of mine is Gavin’s guitar tach and I immediately became buddies with all the tour guys! They all gave me run downs on the rigs and all the basses and guitars! It was so fun! They put on a great show! Such rock and roll all stars! I always feel so lucky when I get to see them!

Quickly after I became ill though... it sucked! Haha I was down for the count for a few days! Day-quil and honey and cinnamon shots for a few days and thankfully I feel way better! I can finally sing again!

Next I flew up to San Fran to get ready for all day recording! Wait until y’all see what we are recording! 🤘🏼😉🤘🏼 (I can’t tell too many secrets just yet!)

The next morning we took off to Malibu!!!! Oh how I love Malibu!!! 🥰🤩 A really long drive, but we are used to them.

The show went great! it was at a Mexican Restaurant. Interesting enough... they sold tables and the stage was very well lit... not our normal, but the people made it great! I saw a lot of people drive in from the shows from last week! That’s crazy! Y’all drive pretty far to come out to the show! Thanks!

The entire tour I drank 1 full bottle of Day-Quil.... not sure if it did anything short of miraculous, but I’m finally feeling better! I just need to get rid of this awful cough!

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