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Bassist Holly West began her musical journey full-steam. Her unstoppable will and drive have truly propelled her to this moment and her place in the powerhouse Zepparella. A self-taught bass player, she is also a blossoming vocalist with rich rock pipes.  Holly's debut EP ‘MOKITA’ was released in 2017. She enlisted guitar wizard Gary Hoey and drummer Brady Blade to play on this stellar EP, which was mixed by Chris Bell. Alongside the four original songs, she included a cover of the Zeppelin classic “When The Levee Breaks.", Talk about a foreshadowing of what was to come just a few short months later.

Holly has spent her career playing with various acts around the Dallas area, including Love Stricken Demise and Honey. She has toured blues power trio Woody’s Rampage. Her time on stage has been well spent, developing an impressive attack, impeccable feel, and a technique which seems to have come completely naturally to her, not to mention her dazzling stage presence and joyful performance style. Her influences span the rock gauntlet, from Clutch and the Rival Sons to Slash, ZZ Top, and of course, the mighty Led Zeppelin.


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